Arts Emergency

Yvette Greslé

Art Critic/Journalist, early career Art Historian

Yvette is a London-based art critic, writer and final year PhD candidate in the History of Art Department, University College London. Her research, which focuses on South African video art, is supervised by Professor Tamar Garb. Yvette is a regular contributor to ‘this is tomorrow’ and Photomonitor. She is also an editor for the on-line journal ‘minor literature[s]‘ founded by Fernando Sdrigotti. As an early career art historian Yvette aims to publish, curate and teach in the field of contemporary art history. In 2014, she is also a London-based Research Associate at the University of Johannesburg. In December 2013, Yvette initiated ‘writing in relation’ an on-line journal focusing on interviews, essays and dialogues about art.