Arts Emergency

Robin Tarbet


I am an Artist and Lecturer based in London. My studio work combines printmaking, sculpture, and live film installations ( and I also work in the role of Senior Lecturer teaching Fine Art at a London University.

I studied both BA and MA level Fine Art education, graduating from the Royal College of Art in what now seems the relatively opportunity prosperous time of mid 2000s… I came from an average family, went to the local comprehensive school with no family connections or ‘who you know privileges’. From early on in school I always knew I wanted a career in the arts, I worked hard and was lucky to have had very supportive art teachers to help me achieve this.

I am volunteering because I find it difficult to see how I would have been able to of achieved this under the current ever worsening political and financial situation for the arts and education as a whole, and now I am in a position where hopefully I can use my arts experience and education knowledge to help others starting out now.