Arts Emergency

Marie Verhoeven

3D animator

I’ve always loved to study motion, in dance, acting and everything, and very early on, I always thought animation would be the job for me. I would “”give life”” to characters and give them a personality, make them exist in space, how awesome could that be?

So after graduating in France, when I was 17, I went straight into a 4 years studies at one of the biggest animation school in France, where I learned everything about 3D and making short films, while also perfecting some art skills in drawings, designs etc.

I came out of it with a general knowledge, but not quite right about the animation specialty, so I went and studied some more in Denmark, at a brilliant school called The Animation Workshop.

After that I started working in various studios in France, on commercials, music videos, etc. Then 5 years ago I decided to move to London because the industry was more interesting and rewarding (financially too, let’s not be shy about this!) and there was a real pool of creativity there. I loved the city to begin with, anyway, so it was a very easy decision to make!

So it’s been great so far, it has ups and downs, and some hard times because FREELANCING is hard, even if amazing. I’ve been doing this for 8 years now, I love this job, and one thing I love even more is to talk about it and share about it with others, especially aspiring animators.

A few people suggested some years ago that I would make a good teacher but a strong case of imposter syndrome and too much work made me refuse a few times. But now, I think I’d like to share about all this with others, and hopefully gave a bit of what I’ve learned to someone else!

I also spend a lot of time at the theater because it inspires me a lot (ok, I’m a HUGE theater geek), or going to see ballets, or exhibitions, or anything. I basically feed on everything that’s going on in London to fill my reference bank in my brain and broaden my horizons, to think differently and be a better creative person.
So even if it’s not about 3D animation, but art in general, or how to allow it to inspire someone’s work, I’m up for that too.

So anyway, that’s me! And that was a lot of writing, and the good (bad) news is that I talk a lot in real life too 🙂