Arts Emergency

Joshua Jones

Photographer/ Trainer

My art teacher told me photography was not a real art form, but that didn’t put me off practicing it. I’m now a freelance photographer and love what I do. Freelancing is tough but it’s worth the challenge as the freedom is wonderful.

I wanted to go to University as it was a big chance to develop myself, to broaden my understanding of the world, and meet people from a wide variety of backgrounds. The first time I went through UCAS I didn’t get the grades to go to my chosen Uni, so I worked for a year and re-sat my exams. I got in the second time round and I’m so glad I made that extra effort. Because University was a massive experience that helped to shape my confidence, my politics, and my life goals. As a bonus I also have a network of amazing friends who I would never had met if I’d stayed at home.