Arts Emergency

Jane Duffus


I worked for 15 years as a journalist and editor on most of the UK’s best-selling newsstand entertainment magazines. After 10 years of this, I went back to university and studied for an MA as an evening course. I found this so satisfying that I went on to do a second MA, this time in cinema studies, a subject I’ve studied for more than half of my life (across an A’Level, BA and now MA). I’ve always supported the arts, mostly as a journalist and reviewer, and more recently I founded and now single-handedly run What The Frock! Comedy, based in the South West, which promotes talented female comedians. I don’t ‘just’ put comedy nights on, I also aim to foster an environment that nurtures upcoming talent and recognises existing talent. Typically, 4 in 48 comedians booked on any one nights in the UK will be female – I’m working to redress this, not just through my own nights but through raising the media profile of good female comedians. I’ve decided to volunteer for Arts Emergency because without the arts, we’d be in a terrible state! The arts give us a means of expression in a multitude of ways, they allow us to show and share everything from our mental health to a passion for natural beauty. And everything in between. The decimation of government funding for the arts, both in terms of education and instiutions, is appalling, and I would be proud to work with an institution such as Arts Emergency to help young people engage with the arts and find their own voice within it.