Arts Emergency

Jack Brougham

Live Scribe/Illustrator

I am a visual artist. I make my living doing something called Live Scribing, which is essentially drawing cartoons live on massive sheets of paper, at corporate conferences, seminars and so on. As a job it is challenging, sometimes nerve-wracking and always exhillarating. I never imagined I would do anything like this for a living.

When I was at school I wanted to be a painter, like David Hockney or Frank Auerbach, working away on my own in my studio. When I left university I thought I would be a book illustrator, or draw comics, and I tried for years to be these things without much success. I finally came to Scribing accidentally and absolutely love it. I am using skills I have worked hard to develop in order to make my living. And in my spare time I still make pictures and draw my own small books and comics, which keep my childhood ambitions of being an artist working on his own in a studio satisfied.

I wish to Volunteer for the Arts Emergency because I understand how difficult it can be to see a way of making a living within the creative world. I feel that having contact with proffessionals working within that world can help young people to believe studying humanities at higher level is worthwhile, and can help give them the motivation and proffessional contacts to fully benefit from such study.