Arts Emergency

Emma Sheppard

EFL Teacher & Postgraduate Studen

I’m currently balancing teaching English as an additional language with starting a PhD; I teach a mix of teenagers and adults. I’ve been teaching EAL on and off for seven years – it’s a job I never imagined getting into, but I love teaching, and working with young people to see them achieve their goals. I fell into teaching by accident; I was offered a short-term job, teaching in Libya. But I kept going back to EAL throughout my university studies, because I couldn’t keep away – when you enjoy teaching, seeing your students achieve their goals is the best feeling in the world.

That’s a huge part of why I’ve chosen to volunteer for Arts Emergency – I want to see others get what they want out of life, and to see how they can bring their personal strengths and interests into a career.

As to why I’m doing the PhD – I’m a sociology nerd and proud. Again, it wasn’t what I thought I’d be doing – while I was at school, I wanted to be a vet – but I’ve taken a personal interest and turned it into a professional passion as well, as I intend to move into lecturing and research, bringing my nerd side and my teaching side together.