Arts Emergency

Emily Buchanan

Senior Digital Editor

After reading English Literature at the UEA, I began pursuing a career online and have since established myself as a Senior Digital Editor for the multi award winning marketing agency Further. I cover a number of subjects, from the automotive to the educational, but I most enjoy writing about environmental issues, human rights and current affairs.

My work with Further has married my mind to the internet, and I can now speak with confidence about SEO, PPC, SEM, SMM, CRO, design & build, analytics, mobile marketing, eBooks, infowidgets and content strategies. B.F. (Before Further) I could only talk about T.S Eliot and Shakespeare, so it’s been quite an education.

Outside of the office, close ties with the UEA have allowed me to work on a number of Careers-focused projects and I’m now a regular speaker at employability events and seminars. As a recent Arts graduate (2011) who has experienced the current jobs market and the extensive cuts to Arts funding, employability and skills-sharing are subjects I’m passionate about and this is why I’m a member of the AOBN. I know just how disenchanting the job search can be and I’m here to help.