Arts Emergency

Alice Saggers

International Editions Coordinator

I knew from a young age that I wanted a career in the Arts – a job which would allow me to read or write (or a combination of the two) but coming from a classic working class home I found it difficult to find adequate information and contacts on the careers I was interested in. I started to pursue journalism but found this quite exclusive and ‘closed’ to those who couldn’t afford to do endless months of free work experience. I then started to pursue Publishing – beginning by working in a bookshop, then moving to a small Publishing house as a Receptionist while taking on a full time MA. I have been in my current position for over 2 years and I do feel like I’ve finally penetrated this very difficult and competitive industry. I want to volunteer for Arts Emergency to help others who may have had a difficult start in life and to share my experiences and suggestions to help others to progress in these very challenging industries.